Answer Service for the Start Up

Answer Service for the Start Up

Would you like a professionally trained staff to add to your company at one low monthly price? You get that and more when you enlist an answering service for your office needs.


Staffing not only requires you to take the time to do the hiring but also cost money to keep your staff maintained. You have office cost, wages, sick time, and turnover on top of starting a brand new business. To save overhead all together an answering service provides operators already trained to get the job done. Offer your consumers an entire support staff for one low monthly cost. See article Answering service vs Hiring Receptionist to compare how you can save.

Why your first 6 seconds are free

With Professional Answering Service you never have to pay more than you use. We believe our service should be affordable, efficient, professional, and economical. Rather than bill you by the call we break it down so you only pay for actual talk time.

Our billing is calculated in 6 second intervals (one tenth of a minute) with the first 6 seconds not billed. After the first 6 seconds each additional 6 second interval is charged $0.09. Each call is rounded to the nearest tenth of a minute. Example: If an operator is on a call for 18 seconds you are only billed for 12 seconds. The first 6 second are free so that you can avoid being charge for the following:

Answering Service vs Hiring Receptionist

What you get with an answering service:

The benefits of working with an answering service start with the cost effectiveness. An answering service can provide your company multiple operators, 24 hours a day, at one monthly price. Customer service for your company can benefit from having a professional staff that requires no training. Operators can meet the needs of all your callers with options like order taking, reservation lines, appointment scheduling, and more. One less hassle to worry about as your company continues to grow we will continue to accommodate. When an answering service is representing your company you get a fully staffed service that never takes a break. Your company not only gets live operators but an option to extend business hours. Your company won’t have to break the bank paying double time on the holidays because there is no additional cost for holiday phone coverage. This means you can provide your clients 24 hours of service for no additional expense.

Call Screening? Put a stop to the "robocall"

We have all answered the phone to a recording asking about health insurance or to update our company information. These type of unsolicited calls can be very tiresome when you are running a business. Over the past year I have noticed more & more companies are relying on an answering service to cover the office reception during business hours. The volume of these calls have made call screening become a necessity for companies now more than ever.