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We provide you an extension of business hours with low labor cost because we charge on a usage basis. Since 1986 we have billed clients for what they use not a shared cost divided over all our clients. We have a base of $45.00 per month (a readiness to serve for your use of our telephone number, equipment space exclusive to your buisness, and operator training/updates). The computer then tracts your calls in increments of a tenth of a minute or each six seconds then cumulates these tenths over the month of operator time. We charge eight cents per tenth of the minutes. Average calls take approximately thirty to forty seconds. We do not charge for the first tenth of a minute. Hang-up and wrong numbers do not usually take six senconds and do not bill.

Extend your office hours without increasing your staff. We will do all the work to insure all urgent calls are directed to the appropriate on call in an efficient & professional manner. Every call is handle with compassion & understanding so that we are here when your caller needs you the most. Routine calls can be held for the following day. We will not let your calls go unanswered. With patching capabilities we can connect the caller to the on call immediately  24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. A live Operator means your consumer will get the one on one service they deserve. We offer customized Accounts to cater to every individual need.

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