At Professional Answering Service our operators not only represent our company but more importantly yours. We care about every patient and will be here 24/7 to handle every call with care and understanding. 


How We Work For You

24 Hour Emergency On Call Service



Live Operators

Call Screening

General Office Information

Customized Account

With 24 hour live operators you can rest assured every call will be answered with compassion and professionalism to ensure your patient's needs are met accurately and efficiently. We understand emergency/urgent calls can be a very stressful time so our operators are trained to handle every situation individually. When an emergency/urgent call comes in the operator then follows the protocol defined by your specific office needs.

We offer patching, email, secured text messaging, and paging as way to connect your patient to the appropriate on call after hours. Routine or office calls can be held and delivered in a daily call log via e-mail or fax.

Professional Answering Service understands you do not want to be bothered with solicitors or general office information after business hours so we are here to screen the calls and provide general office information.

Each account can be customized according to your business needs. Not only do you get to choose the information we gather but also the information you need for different situations. You can choose your greeting salutation or we can provide one for you. You are 100% in charge of your account and we are here 24 hours a day to make changes or updates.