We are here to work for you

Professional Answering Service started business in October 1986 and has served clients from the East to the West Coast as well as Hawaii. We work for all sizes of businesses from the one person at home to a Fortune 500 corporation. 

Our Operators are well trained and monitored to insure professional and courteous service to all callers. Our operators not only represent our company, but more importantly yours. All operators are conscientious to the needs of each caller and of our clients while following your instructions to get every message to the right person or place. 

Equipment we use is the most advanced computerized tele-messaging system available continuously powered by battery via an on line UPS to eliminate outages and spikes. Our operators stay connected with VoIP, a system that allows us to connect faster, stronger, and more reliably. Once the message has been entered a series of automated events occur to insure proper delivery. Call logs can now be sent via email, fax, text each day at any specific time. We offer multi-email and multi-text messaging accounts at no additional cost to ensure everyone gets the message at the same time. For emergency calls reminders are automatically echoed to operator until delivery is completed. 


Our Mission

Our mission at Professional Answering Service is to provide excellent service to all accounts with the best communication possible. Every account is unique so we strive to build trust by accommodating the needs of the client & offering outstanding customer service. Every call should be answered with honesty, confidentiality, & accuracy.

  • Honesty- We maintain & build trust with every client & customer by answering every call with honesty & truthfulness in all communications. By treating every call fairly we can avoid misleading or manipulating information on accounts which can cause misinterpretation of services. We want every client to know they can rely on the Answering Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Confidentiality- We are committed to using the best equipment with the most up-to-date technology available to insure the privacy & confidentiality of information on every account. We will not release or disclose any information concerning the identity, clients, or services provided to Professional Answering Services unless given prior authorization by our client.

  • Accuracy- On every message we take the time to record data accurately by listening & repeating back all information provided to the operator. We continually train & seek out new sources to insure all information provided to us from customer can be delivered with precision to the client in the most efficient way.

 We will work hard everyday to provide the client & customer with the best service possible to achieve our mission & goals. 

This is by far the best answering service I have ever dealt with. Every single person I have spoken with has been extremely nice and messages are always relayed promptly. I strongly recommend this company for anyone looking for a truly professional answering service.
— Jo Ann J.

Nadine M.

Professional Answering Service has been our trusty ally for our offices phones for years. Gone for a meeting for an hour? No problem, you won’t miss any calls. Closing the office early for an emergency? No problem, they’ve got your back. Off site for a work related event? No problem, calls will get patched through to you! Phones are always answered in a courteous, professional, and friendly fashion. We highly recommend Professional Answering Service!