No matter what industry you provide for, we are here to help. We can not only extend your business hours but assist in all aspects of communication to increase productivity. With Professional Answering Service you can get a goodnight rest knowing we are here to handle it.


We Are Here For You

Wake Up Calls

Employee Call Ins

After Hour Service

Check Ins


Order Taking

Automatic Call Forwarding

24 Hour Service

Emergency Well Service

1-800 Number

Never sleep in again with a scheduled wake up call. When your alarm fails you we will be here to get you up and going.

Tired of being called after hours with employees calling in sick? We can take that call then deliver the message to you when you arrive at the office.

Need an emergency line that will be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? We are here for you. With 24 hour call routing we can get your emergency handled anytime.

Do not let business stop because you are done for the day. With our 24 hour service we can take the call. For urgent or emergency calls we can contact the on call employee through any method you prefer. Routine calls can be held for the next business day or delivered promptly according to your protocol.

Need employees to check in at a certain time to insure business is operating correctly? When your employee checks in we can let you know immediately or send a call log the following day. We also provide the option to check in on an employee in the event that they do not check in by a certain time.

Have plans? We can remind you. With 24 hour reminders you will never have to miss an opportunity.

With automatic call forwarding you'll never have to worry about forwarding your line or missing a call. The calls will go straight to the answering service when you are on the other line or closed for the day.