Call Screening? Put a stop to the "robocall"

We have all answered the phone to a recording asking about health insurance or to update our company information. These type of unsolicited calls can be very tiresome when you are running a business. Over the past year I have noticed more & more companies are relying on an answering service to cover the office reception during business hours. The volume of these calls have made call screening become a necessity for companies now more than ever.

When starting new service the first question I tend to ask a client is “what are you needing the operators for most”. Although, the responses do vary, one that sticks out the most is the need for phone relief. In the age of robocalls & high pressured solicitors the call volume can be very overwhelming. Running a business has enough responsibility without having to stop to answer the phone every minute.

Call Screening is an option that can free your business from recordings & solicitors for good. With call screening you no longer have to hassle with unwanted calls. All operators are trained to disconnect with recording or fax machines within the first 6 seconds. At Professional Answering Service the first 6 seconds of each phone call answered is free because we believe that you should never pay for these type of calls. Also, each account is dealt with according to how you want your business ran, so you choose how you would like solicitors dealt with. Most importantly, you can go back to doing business.

You can always hire more reception to cover the call volume but with an answering service you get multiple operators at one low price. This not only extends your office staff but your hours as well. We are here 365 days a year so you can make your office a 24 hour facility without the hiring expense of additional employees.

If you need more time to be productive, call screening could be the answer for you. Call screening works whether you are needing more time to prioritize or just need a break from the everyday stress of the constant ringing. Get the details of every call you receive letting you deal with only the important calls. To find out more about Call Screening for your business click here or give us a call at 940-720-2550