Need Customer Service?

An answering service is a fully staffed phone service that can meet your phone needs by providing professional customer service to each of your callers. We eliminate the hiring & training portion of staffing a courteous team to provide service that meets your company goals.

At Professional Answering Service we provide our operators continuous training year round to ensure each operator is up-to-date on each specific client. We like to think of the operator, as well as the service we provide, as an extension of your company. Every operator is trained to represent your company in the most professional & efficient manner in accordance to your policies.

When a company starts an account with PAS we do a briefing to go over every point of the business with the operators. Overtime the operators get very familiar with not only your company but your callers too. The personal connection provided by the familiarity maintains a relationship with each caller so that each call will get a experience that is personally knowledgeable, professionally courteous, and overall respectful of your company values.

Each account is customized to cater to the needs of each individual company. Some points that our operator make sure to touch on in different circumstances are:

Emergency situations: Our operators are readily available to listen, reassure, and route your caller in the most efficient manner put in place by your company. We make it a point to let your caller know they matter. In emergency situations callers can have a hard time relaying information that is vital to getting their needs met. Each operator is trained to help calm the caller in order to maintain a connection. In situations where the caller is not able to relay information the operator will then keep the caller on the line while routing the call to assistance that can help.

Tier One Technical Support: For every problem presented the operators will listen to entire problem then provide all information your company has preset by custom formats or applications of your choice. When a problem is bigger than an operator can support your caller will then be reassured and routed to a destination that can continue to provide the support your caller is requesting.

24 Hour Service: PAS operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With around the clock customer service you can increase productivity while decreasing overhead. We will be there when you just can’t be. Vacations, bad weather, illness, or disaster can prevent your business from operating. With an answering service we will be here to provide customer support while you are away. Automatic call forwarding allows your lines to come to the answering service no matter what life throws at you.

Live Operators: In a world made up of automation it can be such a relief to dial a number & have a live person answer. A caller can really feel like they mean something to your company when they can get answers to their questions without having to be routed through an automated mess. Especially a frustrated customer who is calling with a complaint. We can eliminate further frustration as well as ease the callers mind by letting them know we will handle the situation.

With an answering service get a fully trained staff at an affordable rate. Check out our prices here to see how we can save you money. You can call us anytime at 940-720-2550 to find out how we can customize a service that will help you meet & maintain your goals.