Answer Service for the Start Up

Would you like a professionally trained staff to add to your company at one low monthly price? You get that and more when you enlist an answering service for your office needs.


Staffing not only requires you to take the time to do the hiring but also cost money to keep your staff maintained. You have office cost, wages, sick time, and turnover on top of starting a brand new business. To save overhead all together an answering service provides operators already trained to get the job done. Offer your consumers an entire support staff for one low monthly cost. See article Answering service vs Hiring Receptionist to compare how you can save.


Staffing involves training in order to have a well run company. Training alone can be a process that leads to a serious deficit in your budget. With a lot of startup companies finding the time to adequately train a manager to simply train the rest of the staff can take a lot of time away from your regular operations leading to a loss in profits. Also the stress of time can lead to under trained staff which leads to underperformance & high turnover rates. Hiring a professional, fully trained, staff could lead to increase in profits & decrease in stress.

Customer Service

I know first hand the frustration of talking to an automated system. Some of you have been that person to walk by while someone like myself screamed “option 1” repeatedly at the phone only to be disconnected. As a start up business impression is everything. The way your company makes people feel is how they will walk away & remember for future referencing. An answering service provides a personal touch with live operators ready to deal with any situation. Each operator is trained to have compassion, understanding, and a continuous professional manner. Over the years I have notice that people tend to remember the operators that handle their call, even asking for them by name. In time the operators become more familiar with your callers & your callers do the same with the operators. This familiarity tends to make people more comfortable when calling building a bond of trust. This lead to not only referrals by word of mouth but also repeat consumers.