Why your first 6 seconds are free

With Professional Answering Service you never have to pay more than you use. We believe our service should be affordable, efficient, professional, and economical. Rather than bill you by the call we break it down so you only pay for actual talk time.

Our billing is calculated in 6 second intervals (one tenth of a minute) with the first 6 seconds not billed. After the first 6 seconds each additional 6 second interval is charged $0.09. Each call is rounded to the nearest tenth of a minute. Example: If an operator is on a call for 18 seconds you are only billed for 12 seconds. The first 6 second are free so that you can avoid being charge for the following:

The “Robocall”

Everyday we deal with the dreadful recordings that seem to go around tirelessly. In the past decade, as phones have become a staple in society, the volume of recordings circulating has skyrocketed out of control. These pre-recorded messages ranging from healthcare options to political views are set on auto dial to try the patience of each recipient. No matter how many “do not call list” you get put on it is nearly impossible to avoid these types of calls. With an answering service you get the peace of mind know your calls are screened saving your time. You not only get free call screening but with the first 6 seconds free you are not charged for the operator to answer the call. Our operators are trained to be able to recognize these types of recordings right away in order to disconnect before you are charged saving you money.

The Solicitor

Solicitors and Telemarketers are always finding new ways to go around the do not call list. In my experience they are high pressured & always call at an inopportune time. I myself was an unlucky cell phone number chosen by a soliciting service to use as a caller id when dialing around the state of Texas. I received dozens of returned calls back asking why I had called. These types of situations can be costly to deal with so we train our operators continuously to recognize these types of calls in order to disconnect before the first 6 seconds.

Wrong Numbers

Have you ever picked up the phone to a fax machine screaming at you? These types of calls happen often, as well as callers dialing the wrong number. These type of calls are easily identified so disconnection will occur within the first 6 seconds.

Check Outs

When our clients roll the phone lines over to the answering service we recommend that they then call back to check the lines to insure the lines are forwarding properly. We also provide the option of checking the lines for your account periodically. When the client chooses to do so themselves they usually will say they are checking the lines or turning it over to us. These type of call usually take less than 6 seconds so you are not billed making checking out as breeze.