Prepare Your Business For Bad Weather

Extreme arctic cold is sweeping through the Northeast & Midwest area of the nation right now. People are being told to stay inside & be prepared. Being unprepared, as a business in a time of unforeseen weather conditions can lead to a potential outcome, that can be devastating, leaving your business at a stand still for an indefinite amount of time. Learn how an answering service can save you money during bad weather seasons.

Automatic Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is a feature that allows you to forward your lines to the answering service when you are busy or simply not in the office. With automatic call forwarding you do not have to be in the office for the lines to forward. This is ideal when weather conditions outside will not permit your company to open. You can set automatic call forwarding to forward to the answering service after so many rings to ensure your calls never go unanswered. This feature comes in handy, not only for bad weather, but for meetings, conferences, and lunch hours as well. If you are on the other line it will automatically be transferred on the first ring.

24 Hour Service

Having automatic call forwarding means that you can offer your clients 24 hours service even when the weather is to severe to go out in. The answering service provides you a full staff of professional operators ready to answer your lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Each account is customizable to meet the needs of your clients & business. When the stress of bad weather is personally affecting you have peace of mind knowing that your company will continue to operate. We offer call routing, text messaging, & email service so you know right away who is contacting you.

Emergency Service

Live operators 24 hours a day will allow any type of company to offer emergency service year round without increasing the cost of staffing the extra business hours. See Answering Service vs Hiring A Receptionist to compare cost. Whether your company needs 24 hour maintenance or 24 hour patient care we have trained operators to assist your caller any time of day or night. Each operator is trained to be professional, courteous, and compassionate in order to handle your calls efficiently. Customizable accounts offer you the freedom to route each call individually in order to increase productivity.

Information Line

Let your caller know what is going on when you are not able to open for business. With live operators, 24 hours a day, information can be relayed to each caller. Appointment rescheduling, event cancellation, or general information can be distributed by each operator keeping your clients informed & up-to-date. Operators can also do order taking, transcription, & message taking so that you can extend office hours. With outbound calling the operators can call your patients/clients to let them know you will not be operator during normal business hours.

Employee Call Ins

Keep track of your employees with an answering service. Each employee call in will come with a date & time stamp. You can be informed immediately or if you prefer a call log can be sent daily via fax, email, or text messaging. Also keep track of your employee hours with a clock-in clock-out feature. This feature comes in handy when your employees work remotely. When the employee calls to clock in/out the information is collected then sent with time, date, & any additional information you need requested.

Don’t let the weather stop you from getting business done. Let your callers know you will be there 24 hours a day to meet every need. Increase productivity while saving money with a full staff of operators at a fraction of the price to hire. To see others services we provide visit Call Handling for Any Business.