The Base Rate

Professional Answering Service relies on a usage based billing system that tracks your calls per tenth of a minute (6 seconds). The calls are charged per tenth of a minute so you are not charged for more than you are using. The first tenth of a minute per call is free to avoid being charged for hang ups, wrong numbers, fax machines, and solicitors. At the end of every billing cycle each tenth of a second accumulated is totaled then charged $0.90 per accumulated minute. Each invoice is consist of two parts: Usage & Base Rate. Our company charges $45 per month as a monthly base rate. But why?

As a company that started in 1986 we take pride in not having raised rates since 1991. That’s right we are still charging early 90’s prices. Most answering services these days have set packages with a monthly fee that increases depending on which minute usage bracket you fall in. We do not charge any higher or lower depending on your usage. We only charge the set base rate of $45 plus usage. When you start an account with Professional Answering Service you can take comfort in knowing your rate is never going to change.

Operator Training

Each base rate includes continued operator training. Our Operators are well trained and monitored to insure professional and courteous service to all callers. Our operators not only represent our company, but more importantly yours. All operators are conscientious to the needs of each caller and of our clients while following your instructions to get every message to the right person or place.


The base rate also consist of equipment maintenance. Equipment we use is the most advanced computerized tele-messaging system available continuously powered by battery via an on line UPS to eliminate outages and spikes. Our operators stay connected with VoIP, a system that allows us to connect faster, stronger, and more reliably. Once the message has been entered a series of automated events occur to insure proper delivery. Call logs can now be sent via email, fax, text each day at any specific time. We offer multi-email and multi-text messaging accounts at no additional cost to ensure everyone gets the message at the same time. For emergency calls reminders are automatically echoed to operator until delivery is completed. 

What We Don’t Charge For:

  • Text messaging

  • Email

  • Fax

  • A Readiness to Serve Clients

  • Custom Account

  • The 1st 6 Seconds

  • Multiple Destination Call Routing

  • Call Screening

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