Medical Answering Service

The medical field is one of the busiest industries we serve. Certain medical practices are required to provide after hours emergency service for patients. Providing 24 hours service to patients can get costly when it comes to staffing, training, and office space. Professional Answering Service can save you valuable time & money by providing you an already fully trained staff 24 hours a day.

24 Hour Service

Professional Answering Service has experienced operators here to serve your patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We never charge more for working holidays or overtime. Providing your patients 24 hours emergency service for one low price. For current pricing information visit read more.

Call Handling

When an emergency call comes in our operators rely on the protocol put in place by you to meet your patient’s specific needs. By following your instructions the operator collects important information, then delivers the call in a timely & efficient manner. Each operator will focus on providing consistent accurate service so that your patient can count on reliable service when times are hard.

Live Operators

A lot of company are relying on an automated service in order to cut overhead cost. From personal experience I can tell you just how helpless it can feel to have to deal with an automated service in the time of a serious emergency. An automated service can often lead to a delay in response time. A delay in response time for a patient could lead to a disastrous outcome or make your patient feel neglected. A live operator can not only, calm your patient by reassuring him/her that their needs will be met, but can also make sure their call is delivered in the most efficient way possible.

Each call you receive will be entered, then directed by your specific instructions so that each caller receive the support that they need. Please see our Service & Pricing page to see how you can customize your account. As your company grows with us our operators will get more familiar with your callers in order to provide them a pleasant & personal experience to ensure the best customer service. If you have any question feel free to contact us.