Legal Answering Service

Before you start hiring receptionist for your law practice please check out Answering Service vs Receptionist. A legal answering service provides live trained operators, 24 hours a day, to extend business hours while lowering overhead cost. Your practice can enjoy the benefits of having a fully trained staff, professional service, and extended hours all for one monthly fee.

Office On The Go

With operators available to deal with reception needs you have the ability to get out there & handle business. Meetings, hearings, counseling, & everyday business can keep you away from the phones for most of the day. With a legal answering service providing 24 hour full service reception you can rest easy knowing that your calls are being answered.

A legal answering service provides you with remote reception so that you have the option to downsize your current office space. Downsizing your office space can lead to an increase in cash flow by decreasing overhead cost.

A remote answering service can be the perfect option for bad weather seasons as well as savings. When bad weather keeps you from being able to come in the office rest assured knowing that every call will be answered. Each potential client will be greeted by a professional operator, who is ready to meet their needs.

After Hours Clients

At the end of the day business doesn’t stop just because the office is closed. People search for legal help 24 hours a day as problems arise. Having a legal answering service on your side can ensure you never miss a new client. Our operators are trained to field basic questions, collect important data, and deliver the call appropriately depending on the level of emergency & protocol put in place by you.

Criminal Defense Lawyers get the chore of screening collect calls from jail. This process can get tiresome when after you get the tenth call, in a row, from the same inmate. Let our operators handle these situations for you. Each operator is trained to be compassionate, understanding, and professional. Each call will be screened, then delivered per your protocol to the appropriate destination.

With live operators, 24 hours a day, your caller will be able to speak to someone directly anytime they call. When a caller has a problem they often feel confident speaking to a live person regarding their issues. Our operators will assure your caller that their needs will be met, as soon as possible, to reduce anxiety their predicament may be causing.

Each one of our clients choose everything from the way calls are handled to the questions our operators ask your callers. Please check out our blog to see ways we can save you money, handle your calls, and explain more about what our service can do for you.