Apartments, Property Managers, & Real Estate Answering Service

I read a study the other day that said more millennials are opting to rent over owning property, making apartment complexes more trendy, leading to higher occupancy rates. As properties fill so will the work load for the property manager. Managing a property is a 24 hour job that requires a 24 hours service. Offering your tenants a reliable, professional, & courteous live operator around the clock can save you time & money.

What We Can Do For You

An answering service can take care of all your communication needs for your vendors & tenants. By taking care of your communication needs you have added time to meet with tenants, deal with property issues, & manage employees. Often times property managers rely on an answering machine to handle calls while they are out on property leading to missed call. Answering machine can often make a person with a maintenance problem feel like they are not important or service will not be rendered in a timely manner. Rental leads often hang up & move on down the list to search elsewhere. It is easier to hang up rather than leave a message on a machine & wait for a call back. Live operators not only can answer general property information but can also act as a receptionist for your office. With 24 hour live reception you can give your callers reassurance that their needs will be met. You can provide information to any caller no matter what time of day it is. The best part about having an answering service for office reception is you save time on hiring & cost of round the clock employees.

Save Money

Saving money is an asset to any company. Saving money on staff is even better because it can add up to a generous profits annually. Click here to see the annual cost comparison of one receptionist vs an answering service. Adding an answering service to your office provides you an entire staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for one low monthly payment. When comparing the cost of an answering service vs an entire 24 hour staff we usually find that an answering service cost less than the amount paid to one employee monthly on an average wage. Times that by an entire staff & see an astronomical savings. Another way of saving money with an answering service is by never missing a call. Missed calls can lead to missing out on potential clients or lead to disastrous maintenance problems. Missing leads of potential clients can reduce your overall occupancy rate lowing the income for your property. Missing important maintenance problems like leaks, electrical problems, and even backed up sewer lines can lead to floods, fires, and huge messes costing more money in repairs as well as insurance fees.

Saving Time

Taking the communication needs of your facility will ease your workload. You can spend more time on matters that need to be addressed. You can also spend more time introducing potential tenants to your property. Above everything you get to save time on hiring. When you choose Professional Answering Service you are choosing to add a professionally trained staff to staff. Our operators not only represent us but more importantly they represent you & your property. We are more of an extension of your brand rather than an answering service.

Each property is different & unique. Let our operators get to know you & your callers so that we can provide a customized personal experience. We strive to meet the need of each individual caller by follow a specific protocol outline by you based on your needs to succeed.

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