HVAC & Plumbing Answering Service

If you are in need of an experience answering service then you have come to the right place. The HVAC & Plumbing business require a 24 hour service in order to serve customers in times of dire need. Depending on the weather going without heat/air can get detrimental to life. A plumbing problem left unattended could lead to a costly disaster. Here at Professional Answering Service we have years of experience in handling these types of calls. We know how important your business is & how to treat a customer in need.

Helping The Customer

When a plumbing disaster strikes a customer can be very demanding of immediate service. Each operator is trained to not only be professional but compassionate as well. We spend time with each customer giving them the reassurance they need to make sure their needs are met. Our service offers the option to patch, text, & even email service calls to your on call technician. Multiple technicians? No problem we can text & email as many destinations as you need with the option to verify. The option to verify will confirm each message is received by your technician with a simply reply from that on call. Responding by text or email is very convenient when you are tied up with a job or customer. In the summer time the heat can be very irritating. Being from Texas we understand that. In the winter being cold can lead to sickness. We will go above & beyond to not only reassure you customer but to also make sure emergency situations are taken care of immediately.

The price of a 24 Hour Service

Hiring a 24 hour staff can lead to, not only high training expenses, but a rise in annual labor cost. Technicians who have to take calls after hours are paid premium wages for the extra amount of time & work invested in the job. The last thing this type of business needs is an added cost of 24 hours call dispatching. When comparing the cost of an answering service to the cost of an in house staff we have found that the annual cost of an answering service is significantly cheaper that the cost of the average annual wages for one employee. That’s right you get an entire fully trained staff for cheaper that what if would cost you to hire one employee at an average annual wage. Check out our comparison at Answering Service vs Hiring Receptionist

Outsourcing to an Answering Service

The best part about outsourcing to an answering service is there is no strings attached. No unemployment to pay. No extra office space to provide. All you have to do is transfer your office lines & you instantly have fully trained staff at your disposal. Each operator will be trained to follow instructions specifically outlined by you. Each call will be directed by your protocol. Each account will be customized to suit the needs of your success. No contracts to sign. You can cancel anytime with no penalty. For pricing or to see how you can customize your account visit Services & Pricing. Sign up today & we will waive the first months base rate of $45!