Answering Service vs Hiring Receptionist

What you get with an answering service:

The benefits of working with an answering service start with the cost effectiveness. An answering service can provide your company multiple operators, 24 hours a day, at one monthly price. Customer service for your company can benefit from having a professional staff that requires no training. Operators can meet the needs of all your callers with options like order taking, reservation lines, appointment scheduling, and more. One less hassle to worry about as your company continues to grow we will continue to accommodate. When an answering service is representing your company you get a fully staffed service that never takes a break. Your company not only gets live operators but an option to extend business hours. Your company won’t have to break the bank paying double time on the holidays because there is no additional cost for holiday phone coverage. This means you can provide your clients 24 hours of service for no additional expense.